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Mr Stuart Gill

MR STEVENSON (4.29): Madam Speaker, last year I made a number of statements in this Assembly concerning links between organised crime and the pornography industry in Australia. I had received information on these matters from Stuart Gill, who told me that he had been a senior investigator with the Costigan royal commission. He had also said that he was working with the Victoria Police as a consultant and had worked in that capacity for some time. That was later confirmed in a letter of 24 May 1991 by Inspector Cosgriff of the Victoria Police Internal Security Unit.

I hired Gill on staff to assist me in matters relating to pornography and organised crime. During that time Gill told me that a man named Gerald Gold had been named as a leading eastern States crime figure in a confidential segment of the final report of the Costigan royal commission. As a result of that information, I made statements in this Assembly concerning Mr Gold that I now believe were wrong. I later came to understand that Stuart Gill was not a police consultant but was, in fact, an informer for the Victoria Police. Gill left my employ in October last year.

Yesterday the Victorian media reported on allegations about widespread police and political corruption resulting from an investigation named Operation Iceberg. The Victoria Police Commissioner, Mr Kel Glare, stated yesterday that the allegations were not only unsubstantiated but utterly false. The commissioner said that the Operation Iceberg document was not a police report but had been prepared by a police informer. That police informer has been named as Stuart Gill. I am aware that Stuart Gill was born under the name of Paul Dummett and has also used the name Andrew McAuley.

I wish to take the opportunity to apologise to Mr Gerald Gold for any difficulties he may have been caused by statements I made in this house. Gill also stole documents from my office and spread misleading stories about me to the media. I have formed the opinion that Gill is a pathological liar. I have spoken to other people in Victoria - I made a trip to Victoria - and they have told me of certain fraud and other offences which they have said have not been prosecuted. Perhaps this situation in Victoria will give the police an opportunity to put this matter to justice.

MR HUMPHRIES (4.31): Madam Speaker, first of all, I commend Mr Stevenson for that statement. I have had many representations from Mr Gold. I think it took some courage for Mr Stevenson to come into the house and say that he was wrong in things he had said about Mr Gold based on information supplied to him. That is good news for Mr Gold and a tribute to Mr Stevenson.


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