2017-04-01 09:38
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The reason for using dd to write to USB flash sticks is historical.

On some other UNIX-like operating systems only "raw" block devices present the partition table, boot sector and unpartitioned space. Specifically, whereas Linux presents a /dev/sda block device containing all the bytes of a disk, in those other operating systems the equivalent would be a /dev/rsda raw block device.

In those other UNIX-like operating systems you must write to raw block devices in multiples of the sector size of the device. dd can do this, cp and cat cannot. How you discover a device's sector size was left as an exercise for the reader, it is traditionally 0.5KB, more recently 4KB, and three orders of magnitude larger again for flash devices.

Linux doesn't have raw devices, so using dd isn't needed to write an image to a disk. You can wget -O /dev/sd𝐱 … a Fedora .iso file directly onto the USB flash drive.

Note that some devices perform better when handed data is particular block sizes. Most USB sticks perform best if handed data in 4MB chunks. dd is useful if you want that optimisation: wget -O - … | dd of=/dev/sd𝐱 bs=4M status=progress. Note that if you do not set the bs blocksize then the default of 0.5KB is going to make writing a USB flash stick very slow.
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