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There are a lot of fake academic journals out there seeking to defraud authors. Not really surprising: academic publishing has such a high profit margin that even established publishers have a whiff of running a scam[1], open access has blurred the edge of what a journal is, and the sharks have moved in.

But now it seems that even scammers who once may have been Nigerian princes are now trying their hand:

From: Kate .M. (editor)
Sent: Friday, 28 August 2015 9:21 AM
Subject: Assist in Peer-Reviewing Research Papers

Dear Professor,

Thank you for your time for reading this mail. Science Publication wishes to invite you to become our Journal Review Board member.

Your professional expertise will be greatly appreciated by us as well as authors who have submitted their research manuscript for peer-review evaluation and publication.

Our journal deals on the following key studies:

Microbiology | Biochemistry | Medicine and Clinical Trials | Biotechnology | Agricultural Research and Management | Physics | Mathematics and Statistics | Pure and Applied Chemistry | Environmental Engineering Research | Electrical and Electronic Engineering | Civil Engineering and Architecture | Chemical Engineering Research | Economics | Business Management | Psychology | Sociology and Anthropology |

Please inform us of your interest to participate in our Review Board. More information will be provided to you upon your reply.

Thank you.
Assistant Editor
Science Journal Publication

NOTE: Simply Send A Blank Message With Unsubscribe As Subject to Remove Your E-mail From Our List.

For the record: not a professor.

[1] Someone else pays for research to be done. Peer review and editorial is done for free. "Page fees" are charged to authors cover the publishing costs. The journal's subscription revenue is handsome profit.

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