I do wish Cisco would hire some decent mechanical engineers. Yes, I know they left and went to Juniper, but you've had a few years now to recruit some more.

Had a ECC error on a 6509-NEBS card, these are sticky errors and the card needs a power restart to get rid of them (and thus determine if they are random or not). Any other manufacturer I could drop the power to the card from the command line, but Cisco are "friendlier" to enterprise customers than that and I need to physically eject the card.

When I reinsert it the box reboots. WTF! Turns out this is a known flaw in the chassis design -- push the top end of the card in first. Nowhere is this mentioned in the documentation. Nor was it pointed out by the Technical Assistance Centre staffer who asked for the card to be reinserted -- rather that person was upset that I'd kept the task open whilst arranging a 3AM slot for hazardous work, saying that it was risk free and could be done at any time. [This is typical behaviour for the TAC, they get a task into Customer-Pend as quickly as possible under almost any pretext; then they try to close it within a few days, no matter what the actual state on the ground.] Hmmm.

Rang the TAC manager to bitch. They simply aren't interested. Cisco staff seem to think that a spontaneous reboot on a physical event isn't unreasonable. Very much like the early days of Windows when people came to ignore operating system crashes as just part of the whole computing experience rather than as an engineering failure.

Let's review.

Dirty tricks. Pollies unable to simply show up. Slapping journalists. Liberal Party loses government, John Howard loses his parliamentary seat and thus leadership of the Parliamentary Liberal Party, Peter Costello does not nominate for leadership of the Party and intends to retire from Parliament. Worst of all, the journalist's journalist Matt Price dies.

My call about Nick X getting 1.5 quotas was spot-on. The ALP actually did poorly in South Australia, not picking up the southern suburbs of Greater Adelaide which they could have been expected to win. There's no national reason to explain that; local factors don't help either: one seat had a poor candidate, one seat had an excellent candidate; which leads to state factors. Maybe state factors do determine federal votes when all governments are the same party?

I think we're about to see the Mother of All Razor Gangs go through Federal spending. These new lads and lasses cut their teeth in state government administration. I think they've been appalled at "government spending like a frequent flyer programme" rewards for loyalty schemes of the late Howard era.


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